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Portes de Soleil is not just one resort. It is made up of 12 places straddling the French/Swiss border, eight in France and four in Switzerland. It means you can get there via Geneva Airport which is just an hour away by car. Primarily a winter area, it is making big attempts to attract us to visit it in the summer and €1 is the key. Like most winter resorts it concentrates on mountain biking, walking and the scenery to draw us to it. Unlike most resorts it offers a special drate so that we can make the most of the area once we get there.
The €1 a day Multi Pass (children under five are free) which lasts until September 11th doesn’t just give you access to the lifts. there is much more but a proviso as well. You have to stay at one of the accommodation providers listed on the area’s website. But even if you don’t do that the cost is just €6 per person. Given that the pass gives you access to the 22 lifts across all the twelve resorts plus two swimming pools, two lakes that you can swim in, two ice skating rinks, five cultural centres, the tennis courts, and the three tourist trains that run and link the area that is pretty good value. Not to mention the fact that you have the opportunity to explore one of the prettiest mountain areas in western France. At Linderet there is also an impressive waterful and Morzine – the largest town (still only 3,000 people1) in the area – is a market town that seems to act as an epicenter in the summer.
If you plan on hiring or taking a bike to explore then the lifts have a hook to which you can attach a bike making life a little easier at the top. It is mountain biking that kicks of the summer for the area for they hold a two day event called Pass ’Portes du Soleil in late June which attract 3,500 riders.
The Multi-Pass was only introduced in 2009 but already they have sold 289,000 making it one of the most popular passes introduced. You might think that sounds a lot but given how busy the slopes can get in winter its nothing. It means there is plenty of room to explore to your heart’s content and still find that the spot that makes it feel as though it’s just yours.
With so many flights from the UK and Ireland into Geneva, Portes du Soleil is an ideal last minute, peaceful and invigorating summer holiday destination.
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image courtesy of Portes du Soleil

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