The Big Summer Sleepover

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This weekend, Los Angeles is being visited by Wills and Kate as the last part of the tour. They have attended a BAFTA dinner and will visit what is known as skid row. One thing they will not be able to do is participate in what is known as LA’S Big Summer Sleepover. But you can.
In order to encourage us to visit the city, a group of 15 hotels have got together to offer discounts of up to 20% off their best rates that they offer. This is what they call the Big Summer Sleepover and the promotion lasts until the end of our summer holidays. So if you are planning on being in California it may be worth you taking advantage of these cheaper rates.
Other organisations are jumping on the bandwagon so that you have the opportunity to see of the cities attractions at discounts too. For example, the LA County Museum of Art is offering a 20% discount and the new show, IRIS from the Cirque du Soleil is giving 25% discounts. Universal Studios is offering two days for the price of one and it is here that they have the new King Kong 3D ride. As CD-Traveller previewed last year, this ride is based on the Peter Jackson film and he has had more than a hand in its design. It is also one of the best rides that has opened at any of the theme parks in the last couple of years
This coming week, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles opens its latest exhibit, its dinosaur hall which is twice the size of the previous one. It will be the only place in the world where you can see the life of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in three different specimens. There is a baby (about two years old), a juvenile (about 13) and an adult (about 17) for you to see. The adult, named Thomas, has yet to be seen on display as it was only found and brought back from Montana in the last few years.
If you are off to Los Angeles, check out which museums have free days and when they are. It can add up to quite a saving. Every Thursday, for example, there are at least three art galleries that are free (the Hammer. MOCA and Geffin as well as the Japanese-American Museum) but some are only free on the first Thursday of the month or similar. For all the details you can visit the Los Angeles tourist board website.

image courtesy of Universal Studios

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