Babies on Flights

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MAS First Class

To some people the sound of a baby letting forth at the top of its lungs on a plane drives them to distraction. Seeing a baby sleeping peacefully nearby, I’ve seen passengers asked to be moved.
So what would your view be to an airline that has banned babies in particular parts of an aircraft?
Malaysian Airlines (MAS) have decided to ban babies from the first class section of their A380 aircraft. Seven years ago they had banned bassinets from first class in their jumbo jets. There a number of ways you could look at this. There are few babies carried first class so it is unlikely to upset many mothers but gives Malaysian lots of publicity. Secondly you could argue that Malaysian are seeing a real problem in having babies on flights and are testing the water with a partial ban or thirdly you could say that many people would be attracted by a baby-free area and might consider upgrading just to avoid any potential noise.
Whatever the reasoning, the airline’s chief executive has said that they will lose passengers either way. Some 300 different media outlets across the world have picked up on this story with reader comment varying from it being about time to people saying they will never fly with MAS again.
I suspect if we asked for your comments your answer would be that it probably won’t affect you because who wastes money flying in first class anyway. Now what would your answer be if there were flights that were advertsied in advance as non-baby carrying ones?

image courtesy of MAS

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