Strike Disruption 30th June

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Heathrow Terminal 3

UPDATE: 09.30 30 June
We’ve just checked with 11 airports. Heathrow and Newcastle Airports are reporting minimal disruption. Most other airports are not reporting anything about how the strike is going so far.
Due to the strike by public sector unions on Thursday it could well be that there will be disruption at airports and ports.
Disregard the media claims of chaos and other superlatives. What may happen is that it might take longer to get through the immigration checks coming back into the UK but for departing passengers there will probably be little delay. And certainly not as much as passengers have had today waiting for flights to Greece.
The advice should probably be to check with your airline or the airport that you are using.
If you are meeting incoming travelers then be prepared for the process taking a little longer than you might expect. The problem will really only become better known as the day wears on. It will be based on how many people turn up to work and whether the alternative arrangements function. It may all be more sizzle than sausage or there might be longish delays.

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