Representing us in the APD Consultation

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The AUC, Air Transport Users’ Council, ceased to exist in March. Its successor, the Aviation Consumer Advocate Panel – ACAP – is not up and running yet so who put the case for what airline passengers think to the APD consultation? Answer. No-one. Unless you wrote as individuals.
Is this good enough? Should some body that represents consumer interests have said something? Virgin Atlantic at least surveyed its passengers in a postcard survey. Manchester Airport asked its travellers to create more routes from their airport by completing a card and sending it to the government. There was nothing from the Taxpayers Alliance, nothing from the Consumers Association via Which? Travel or any other body.
In retrospect, CD-Traveller feels guilty because it didn’t poll its readers. Our apologies to you. On the other hand, we didn’t feel we were a travellers or holidaymakers pressure group or mouthpiece.
Until ACAP is up and running, we will try, after consulting you, to shout about problems for travellers to the right quarters.

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