Visiting Ecuador

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Not wishing to be rude, if you think of Ecuador at all, you probably think of the Galapagos Islands, giant tortoises and Charles Darwin. About the mainland country we probably know very little. That might be about to change.
The government of Ecuador has decided to launch an international campaign to persuade us to visit it. The UK budget alone is £10 million, (out of a world-wide budget of £30 million) a significant amount in anyone’s language but quite a lot for a country in South America. The campaign is called “Love Life.” Officially launched a few months ago, only now it is going to be heavily promoted in the UK.
The current Ecuadorian minister for tourism is Freddy Ehlers, a TV personality – one media outlet called him Ecuador’s answer to Oprah Winfrey he is so well known – an ex presidential candidate and a former general secretary of the Andean nations. In the last month he has signed arrangements with Spain for joint tourism promotion as part of a mission to get more travellers to his country. He acts like a man in a hurry.
He promotes tourism of conscience saying that Ecuador is the most bio-diversified country in the world. There, the constitution has nature rights just like human rights embodied in it. That is because the environment is precious. In many ways his message is that he wants us to visit Ecuador but only if we respect and recognise the value of its environment be it the Andes, the Galapagos, the Amazon rainforest or the coast. This one country has 15% of all of the world’s bird species, some 1640 different birds.
The colour and vibrancy of Ecuador’s Love Life is not something you are unlikely to miss!

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