London Tube Strikes

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District Line to Wimbledon

UPDATE: 23/06/2011 The strikes have been called off after an agreement was reached
.Londoners know but if you are planning a visit to London in the next few weeks, be aware that there are a number of strikes planned. The first of these is this coming Sunday, June 19th.
It starts at 9am and continues all Sunday. On Monday service will be back to normal. The next is on June 27th and 28th June. Again it starts at 9am so morning commuters will be fine to get to work but will have difficulty getting home as the strike continues until midday the following day, the 28th. This will also affect all those fans trying to get to Wimbledon so buses and the roads are likely to be even more congested than normal.
The third strike again straddles two days. It starts a minute before noon on June 29th and ends at noon on the following day. With the final strike, or at least the last which has been announced to date, on the following day, July 1st, life will be difficult for both commuters as well as visitors across all 3 days. The strike on July 1st will run from midday till 9pm that night.
Since the strike was announced a week has passed. There has been no attempt to avoid resolve the problem, or at least none that have been reported. But it could go the wire again and be called off at the last minute so check here or news bulletins a little closer to the days.

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