Is this Customer Service?

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It is often said that it is the little things that you remember. And tell others. Quite the worst customer service I’ve had in a long, long time made me quite embarrassed at how some overseas visitors saw what happened at the weekend.
You’ll remember that this last weekend wasn’t that pleasant. Drought? What drought I asked myself as I walked, drenched to the skin, through the Peak District. What better, my eleven companions and I thought, than a stop at a pub in Edale for food and a hot drink. You’d have thought any place would be happy to feed 12 people at one go but you wouldn’t have guessed that from what happened. Roughly the story goes like this…
Me: What is the largest size of hot chocolate that you serve?
Barmaid: We only do mugs (gestures to a normal sized mug being served to another customer).
Me: OK, I will have two mugs of hot chocolate then – I’m freezing! – And some cheesy chips, please.
Barmaid: Which table number?
Me: It’s the big table in that room (gesture to the room we were sat, with only one large table and a small seat built into window sill – pretty obvious, I thought!)
Barmaid: You will have to go and look for the table number.
Me: Really? (goes off to look for table number)…. It’s table 15.
Barmaid: £5.95 please.
Barmaid: (interrupting an interesting conversation) I’m afraid we’ve run out of mugs. Are you ok with cups?
Me: I don’t really care about the type of cup, as long as there are two mugs worth of hot chocolate! (laughing)
Drinks arrive: 2 small cups: one 3/4 full of hot chocolate, and one 1/3 full.
Me: I’m sorry, (why do I always apologise despite it being their fault?) but there is barely a full mug’s worth here – this one is not even half full!
Barmaid: Well, you were too busy, and just said “bla bla bla I don’t care”. (she really did say bla, bla bla.)
Me: Well, I would expect at least 2 full cups….
Barmaid: Fine. (snotty voice) suit yourself (wanders off in that supercilious way that some pub/restaurant staff seem to be trained in) and she goes and tops up one of the cups with hot water!!!!
Result. 1 Tea CUP of chocolate and 1 Tea CUP of watery chocolate for the cost of 2 mug fulls. Plus, too much “bla bla”. And I’ve shelled out £5.95 for this in addition to the other drinks and food we’ve bought.
Congratulations to the Old Nag’s Head in Edale. You’ve just lost the business of a dozen regular walkers!

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