Air Canada Strike

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If you are flying on Air Canada over the next couple of months be warned. There are strike possibilities. Firstly, starting today, there is a strike by check-in staff and call centre help lines. But this is only in Canada so it probably won’t affect any passengers flying into Canada until you try to fly back. By then the strike might be over.
I said “probably.” The reason is that Air Canada is re-routing telephone enquiries to their call centres in London, Paris, Tampa and Frankfurt. That probably means people in the UK, Germany, France and the US will take longer to get through. The advice from Air Canada is to check-in online or by mobile phone wherever possible to reduce the queues at their domestic airports.
How long will this strike last? This is no one-day or one-week strike. It continues until it is resolved.
This is not the only strike facing the airline. Employees are concerned about pensions so mechanics, baggage handlers and other ground crew plus cabin crew may take action. Oh and the pilots have a pay dispute. At the moment it is planned that more talks are held on that in July. Don’t bet on a quick resolution to that unless the existing check-in/call centre strike is solved quickly.
As ever, check with the Air Canada website or yor travel agent to keep up-to-date.

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