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The Mexican government and its tourist board are concerned about the amount of publicity being given to the drug and violence situation in the country. The image is one that they think is deterring tourists. They are at pains to point out that in Cancun, the main place that Brits and Irish go to, it is quiet and well away from the troubles.
Should we be concerned?
The main problem the Mexicans have is with the US since they provide the largest number of tourists to the country. They can drive across the border from southern California to Tijuana on the border or from Texas. Americans also receive thousands of illegal Mexican migrants so Americans are more aware of Mexico than we might be. About a third of all American visitors to Mexico fly via or live in Texas and the Texas government has been very vocal in warning Americans not to visit there, at one time suggesting you would stay alive by not visiting the country. This exaggeration upset the Mexicans as it would given the high number of jobs and revenue that is dependent on visitors. So they are countering this inaccurate publicty as they see it as best they can.
But the Mexicans are generally right. Violence does exist; drug related violence exists. Most of it is well away from tourist areas although there has been slightly more trouble in Acapulco. Cancun cannot be said to be trouble free but is Brighton, Ibiza or Corfu? Using common sense and following sensible guidelines will be sufficient in 99% of cases. There are places that Mexicans would not visit either in their own country. To deny that there is a not a violent underbelly in certain parts would be daft. But by-and-large, to repeat tourist areas are largely unaffected.
But there is a silver cloud opportunity for us. As Americans are reluctant to go then there are some good packages to the country from your travel agent or tour operator. Mexico is competing with other countries and realise we have found their country very appealing. There are more flights than ever so, if you haven’t booked yet, Mexico is well worth consideration for a bargain break.

image courtesy of Mexico Tourist Board

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