Now it’s the Volcanoes in Chile

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For the last week or so a volcano has been erupting in Chile. The ash cloud has risen high in the sky – now about 50,000 feet high – and is now swirling and travelling on the winds. Yet again, volcanic ash is disrupting flights.
Originally flight and airports affected were in Chile and then Argentina and Uruguay. The airports in Buenos Aires and Montevideo were both closed for the best parts of a couple of days but have now reopened. Regional airports are still affected so if you have plans to fly to Argentina or Chile check with your travel agent.
There are 3,000 volcanoes in Chile, one of the most volcanically active countries in the world. This time the eruptions come from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano range. Whilst there is supposed to be some decline in the amount of ash being discharged, the effects are widening. Now Qantas has cancelled some flights linking Australia to New Zealand. As yet Air New Zealand hasn’t cancelled any flights but the ash cloud is expected to arrive Saturday/Sunday. This shows that the winds have pushed the ash cloud thousands of miles across the Pacific, How much further might it go?
So if you’re planning to fly to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina or Uruguay check with your travel agent. And if that also involves air travel in Tahiti or Micronesia check as well although, at the moment, no disruption is being reported

image courtesy of Servicio Nacional de Turismo

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