Peach (Cheap) Air

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an old 1990's Peach Air survey

Older readers may remember a short-lived airline in the 1990’s called Peach Air. It was a no-frills airline that got a lot of comment at the time since an anagram of “peach” is “cheap.” This clever marketing ploy turned out not to be so clever so I wonder why the new airline which is linked to the Japanese carrier ANA, has decided to use the name for its new venture.
A & F Aviation has changed its name to Peach, which is said to symbolise happiness, long life and energy. With 10 planes to start with it will be based at Osaka. It looks as though it will not become a long haul no-frills airline like Air Asia but stay servicing the China-Japan-Korea-Philippines markets. But to call it Peach? It’s a bit snappier than “A&F” but detractors will have fun when it eventually starts next year.
And talking of odd names, TheTimes yesterday had a story about a new hotel chain that is about to be set up. It will be called The Pig and will be a chain of country hotels with attitude – whatever that means. Again, rival hotels could have a field day with the name. There are youth hostels in Amsterdam called The Flying Pig and umpteen pubs with similar names.
It goes to show that there is still some humour in tourism!

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