The Big Lunch

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Some of you may have been watching the 6.30pm BBC2 programme, Great British Menu. This year the theme is a sharing menu for the street lunches that will occur a week today. The Big Lunch will involve over a million people at 2,200 street lunches in all of our countries.
The idea is to develop a sense of community by people lunching with their neighbours in a bond of friendship and fun. The idea is only 3 years old so to have got this big in such a short space of time indicates people’s enjoyment of the idea. Look how many street parties we ended up with a few weeks ago at the royal wedding. The idea is similar. Oddly enough in the south east of England where there is less of a community feeling according to some, there are the most big lunches. Maybe community means something different depending on where you live.
But how does it affect tourism?
Once again the television coverage has elevated it to something we know about. The Great British Menu has been on for at least seven weeks and has been widely written about. Once again television has made it known to a wider world. Come Sunday and the following days there will be stories travelling around the world which will reveal us all as community-minded people who like some fun and enjoyment. It will also showcase, hopefully, the end of the view that many view as a weakness of the UK – our food and inability to cook it.

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