Blackbeard’s Anchor

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Aaarh Jim lad!
Every boy of a certain age would play pirates and use that expression rolling the “aarh” sound to last as long as they could. It conjured up a big, black bearded scoundrel with a cutlass in one hand and a flintlock in the other. It was based on a real life English pirate –Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard.
Last Friday off the coast of North Carolina near Beaufort, divers hauled a half ton anchor from the seabed. It is believed to come from the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Teach’s ship, which was grounded there is 1718. Maybe one of four, archaeologists are excavating the site and recovering as much of the ship as the can. But is there treasure? Probably not in terms of gold, Spanish doubloons or jewellery but there should be “gold” for the tourism industry.
The Pirates of the Caribbean films have reawakened an interest in pirates. They’ve always been popular at theme parks but there aren’t many genuine pirates whose names are known, whose ships have been found and whose reputations are as scary yet appealing. When whatever is left of the Queen Anne’s Revenge is recovered and put into a museum, there will be the making of a grand tourist attraction. Combine the history with a Disney approach to themed rides could be the way in the future.
As for now, some of the artifacts recovered (they amount to over a quarter of a million since excavations began fifteen years ago) will go on display in the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort from June 11th this year but not the anchor. That will be off for conservation at the nearby East Carolina University. The largest exhibit of artifacts from the shipwreck, which was discovered in 1996, will be shown starting June 11 at the N.C. Maritime Museum in Beaufort where a third of the space has been given over to Blackbeard.
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For more information click here for the Friends of Queen Anne’s Revenge . For the North Carolina Marine Museum in Beaufort, click here
image courtesy of Friends of QAR

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