Peering into the Holiday Future

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The two expanding areas for travel are luxury and budget. This was one of the interesting features to come from the WTM Vision Conference held in London this week. This is where the travel industry contemplates the future and the author of this remark was Caroline Bremner of Euromonitor, a research group that has been forecasting worldwide travel for 30 years or more.
More budget and luxury hotels are due to open over the next few years than mid market. The “middle classes” have been hit hard by the recession so they are tightening their spending powers. Those who were rich still have money – just slightly less – so they are still travelling as are those “poorer classes.” They haven’t been hit as hard either so their travel plans continue. Overall, holidays made by us are slightly shorter, slightly cheaper and value for money is seen as important.
And how are we deciding and booking where to go? The recession brought about a bounceback in the package holiday, largely because package holidays are often ATOL protected and the security and comfort appealed. Whereas a few years ago, people were forecasting the end of the package holiday, it has proved resilient. But an astonishing 62% use social media to look at, research or buy holidays. At present, the use of smart phones to research or buy is small but by 2014, they estimate 90% of us will have a smartphone.
And what might you think would be the fastest growing areas of the holiday industry? It’s visiting national parks. There are also rises in those taking cruises, medical tourism, visiting spas and taking what the industry loves to call “wellness” breaks, citybreaks and adventure holidays.
But where will go to enjoy these holidays? By 2015 Turkey – of the great success stories over the last few years – will be getting an additional 13 million visitors from Germany, Russia and the UK. That’s good news for Turkey. For us it may not be so. With all these additional visitors, there will be more hotels and more facilities. But will it mean higher prices as the Turks try to capitalise on their success?
Euromonitor also highlighted the fact that there had been fewer visits abroad by us over the last few years. We have begun to enjoy staycations more and they think that visits abroad will only increase slowly and take some time to get back to pre economic crisis levels.

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