Cutbacks. What Cutbacks?

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Its not often in these times that you get two pieces of good news that drop on your desk. And even more unusual when more money is found to support two aspects of day tripping that has such large bodies of support in our countries. I’m referring to the Art Fund who are going to increase the amount of money they will give over the next three years by 50% to help museums buy additional works and DEFRA who are giving £110 million to help restore our waterways.

The Art Fund has given £24 million over the last five years to 248 different museums so we can have access to some of the finest work without necessarily having to come to the capitals -London, Edinburgh, Cardiff or Belfast. The campaign last year for the Anglo-Saxon treasure, the Staffordshire Hoard allows the collection to stay in the Midlands. Now they will donate £7 milllion each year for funding acquisitions at our museums. Why? Because of the difficulties that that the financial crisis has levied on institutions.

On top of this the Art Fund has revamped its membership and introduced its National Art Pass which will give free access to over 200 museums for which entry charges are levied.

DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, has found the money to support restorative work on more than 880 lakes, streams and other waterways over the next four years. Claimed to be new money, most of it will be used to remove non-native invasive weeds and animals, tackle pollution and remove redundant man made items littering up the waterways. £18 million will be spent this year on agricultural pollution and helping farmers protect water courses.

Walking along a riverbank or a canal, boating on a lake or just watching the bird and animal life on the waters edge is a pleasant relaxation for hundred of thousands of us. DEFRA’s work will aid groups so that we will enjoy it more. As will the Art Fund. For when it is unpleasant outside where do we go? Inside to the museums and galleries.

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