Is Your Holiday Protected?

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April is the time by which holiday companies should have renewed their bonding. All licences expired on 31st March at which point 27 had not renewed. As of this morning, a further 5 had renewed. . Without this licence a holiday company cannot display the ATOL logo and you know that a holiday booked with them is as safe as any can be. Or at least, if the company goes bust, your money is protected.
But there are still companies, a further 22, that haven’t renewed. They are largely small companies and some will undoubtedly pay when they get around to it. But in the meantime they are forbidden to accept bookings unless they place it through another agent that is ATOL bonded. It can be hard for a consumer to be aware of this so the place to check whether the company you are planning to use is bonded is caa. If you put in the name of the company and nothing comes up, you know they are not bonded. If it brings up lots of names check carefully because there are lots of holiday companies with similar names. If in doubt you can always ring them. You will find details in our Travel Advice section under CAA who operate the ATOL boding system.
Since the beginning of the year, 6 companies have gone into liquidation and others have been taken over but in all 949 companies have renewed their bonds giving one of the highest take-ups for some years.

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