Exit Spanish Strikes, Enter BA. Again.

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Just after the news comes out that the proposed 22 day strike that would affect anyone flying to Spain or over Spanish airspace has been called off, up pops British Airways (BA) to remind us that life isn’t plain sailing. Or even plain flying! Once again there has been a strike ballot. Once again, the vote has overwhelmingly been for strike action.

So when do we, the poor passenger suffer from yet more disruption? The answer is that we don’t yet know as the union, Unite, has yet to make its mind up as to when the dates will be. Around the Easter holidays could be one guess or during May half term could be another. Given the approach taken by the union before now, a strike to cause maximum disruption seems most likely regardless of the platitudes and apologies that will be made to passengers.

Over the last year or so, this issue has rumbled on. We have had comment from the cabin crew in CD-Traveller putting their views and the contrary from management. Disgruntled passengers, me included, have thrown in their two-pennyworth. When it comes down to it, it is the passenger that matters. Without us you don’t have an airline and, if we have a choice, we will pick an airline likely not to cause us disruption. But in some cases there is no alternative. And then we are trapped. That this has lasted so long suggests pretty entrenched view on both sides. Previous public criticism has not swayed the union, the workers or management. Cozy chats at Number 10 over beer and sandwiches to resolve union disputes are a thing of the past. Arbitration doesn’t seem to work in this case so what can be done to resolve this? Do we need, in current parlance, regime change? Do we passengers march on the union and company headquarters, barricading doors so the members can’t get out until they sort it out? Well that’s not going to happen is it?

So the poor passengers are left, once again, in the wet and sticky, while two sides think only of themselves

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