Japan Charity Scam

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In the light of the horrific earthquake and tsunami that has hit the eastern part of the island of Honshu, you might have received e-mails requesting donations to a fund to help the inhabitants. Whilst a number of charities are actively engaged in helping, be wary of any e-mails you get. If you know the source and trust it, fine. If it comes from someone or some organisation that uses a hotmail or gmail address, be suspicious. If an organisation is named, google them and go to the official website. Donate via that method instead.

The Japanese Red Cross- like other respected charities – has its own website and gives instructions on how to donate there. So does the JustGiving website.

That there are individuals who attempt to profit from misfortune is callous and inhumane yet after every disaster, some scam surfaces. Make sure if you donate it goes to some organisation you know and trust. That way the money will achieve your wish to help the Japanese people recover from this tragedy.

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