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A Hotel Bathroom

A Hotel Bathroom

Because it had been British Tourism Week last week, I had visited a few parts of the country to see how different regions were going to attract us. And how they were coping with cuts but more about that later. This meant that I had to stay in hotel for a night. Regular readers will know that as long as the bed is reasonable and the shower functions well, I can put up with a lot. I have had rooms the size of dog kennels and some only slightly more hygienic. I can put up with no TV, no chairs or desk to work at and I don’t really mind a cobweb in the corner of the room but last week I came across something I’d not encountered before.

Take a look at the photograph of the bathroom in last week’s room. Spotted the problem yet? The distance between the toilet seat and the radiator is narrow. In all less than a couple of inches meaning that any one seated was likely to have their thigh up against the radiator unless they were able to perform some contortion to avoid it.

Doesn’t this seem to be another case where, in a wish to get a quart out of a pint pot, hoteliers fail to take into account basic planning? They don’t allow enough room for facilities to be used. Here there is a chance, if the radiator was fully on, that someone might be scalded. If there is a planning guideline for hotel rooms was this evaded in this case or is the guideline not worth the paper it’s written on? And if there is no guideline, should those that allot hotel ratings take this into account when deciding if a place is 2 star or 3 star?

And why doesn’t this sort of comment appear on review sites where hotel guests supposedly complain about service, tidiness but rarely mention basics? Could it mean that only I am interested? If that’s the answer, my apologies for this morning’s distraction.

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