The Lure of the Salmon

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Think of the Scottish Borders and one thing that will come to mind will be fishing. Salmon fishing. The Tweed is one of the great salmon fishing rivers we have but over some recent years catches have been disappointing. Not last year though which has been a bumper one. In fact it has been the best year since records began 64 years ago.
Tourism in the Borders is heavily reliant on outdoor activities and fishing on the Tweed is one of them. So the hoteliers, the guesthouses and B&B’s, not to mention the shopkeepers and the attractions will be pleased by the news of the River Tweed Commission that last year there were 23,219 salmon rod catches. This is all the more remarkable given that, in the Spring of last year there was disappointment and anglers were asked to return the fish due to conservation reasons. But after that the conditions improved dramatically and the head of the RTC, Andrew Douglas Home (a good old Borders name and lineage if ever there was one) said there were almost perfect conditions from then on.
One of the attractions for tourists wanting to fish on the Tweed is that the season is long so there is more opportunity. Not that anglers mind the weather either, (unless it affects the run) but the weather was kind to them as well. After a long winter last year when so many bookings had to be cancelled, the length and quality of the season will attract even more anglers to the river this year was the thought of one guest house owner and fanatical angler I talked to.
Tall tales are frequently attributed to anglers. But, last year, there aren’t many who will talk about the one that got away. This year, the locals will hope there won’t be that many tourists who get away either. They will want another good season as well.

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