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It’s not even St Patrick’s Day yet but the Irish will be all over out TV screens, radio stations and websites as they try and persuade us that we should have our holidays and short breaks with them this year. Depending on and ports have links. And it all starts today.
So, for example, if you live in the north of England or Scotland, you will probably see more advertising geared towards Northern Ireland. In Glasgow coinciding with the Day itself and the usual march will be a media. And with the approaching centenary of the launch of the Titanic and all the exhibitions about the tragic ship, there will be quite a lot of interest in going to Northern Ireland.
£14 million is going to be spent by Tourism Ireland between now and June and then from August till October persuading us that Ireland is the place to go in what is the biggest campaign ever undertaken. For those holidaying abroad, Ireland is the 7th most popular destination partly due to the ease we can get there with the number of ferry, rail and air connections that are available. Another reason is that 6 million people living in Great Britain claim to have Irish ancestry so that is another lure.

Come St Patrick’s Day on March 17th, there will be processions in Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow amongst other cities. In London, the Eye on the South Bank will go “green” and there will be streamed content of St Patrick’s Day celebrations from Dublin and other places around the world.
To an extent, promoting Ireland began with the BBC TV series “Terry Wogan’s Ireland” which drew in some 8 million viewers at times, a high number for any series let alone a travel programme. That introduced a wider Ireland to a public that might have thought of Ireland just in terms of scenery, friendly people and Guinness. This promotion will build on the interest that the TV series has already started.

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