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Nguyen Minh Tuan, The Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa’s marketing & communications manager, tells CD Traveller why he loves Hong Kong, wants to travel to China and Bali and believes that Vietnam is on the up

What do you like to do on holiday?
Travel. I think it is a great way to explore different places and cultures, meet new people, or simply have a fun time with friends. As I work in the hotel industry, I love to discover the local dining scene in the destinations I visit. Some restaurant venues have historical value and reflect the local culture, while others have creative concepts and designs – both of which interest me a lot.

Where did you last go?
I went to Hong Kong over Christmas. I thought it was a beautiful city and during the festive season it really sparkled. If you’re a foodie (the culinary heritage is impressive) or a shopaholic, then Hong Kong won’t disappoint. But Hong Kong also has much to offer in terms of history. Factor in a good public transportation system, and you’ve got a city that’s tailor made for tourists.


Do you know where you’re going this year?
Yes. I intend to visit either Bali or Korea this year. Everyone always tells me how beautiful Bali is while Korea is strong on sightseeing and shopping. It will be a tough choice!

Of all the places you’ve been to, what was your favourite and why?

Italy thanks to its incredible architecture and history – you feel like you can run into historic artifacts everywhere you go. I also love taking time out and reading a good book in a quiet Italian coffee shop over an expresso… bliss!


Which destination do you wish to travel, but haven’t yet been?
Eastern Europe and China. Napoleon admonished the world to beware an awakened China and. 200 years later he has been proved right. Everyone is talking about this economic giant and I’d like to see it for myself.

In your own country, what would you recommend tourists see that isn’t in the travel guides?
Owing to its long coastline, Vietnam boasts many beautiful beaches and islands but I believe (and rightly so) these are featured in most guidebooks to Vietnam. Beyond the guidebooks, I’d suggest that tourists make friends with a local who will take you to interesting nightlife spots, coffee shops and restaurants that aren’t on the tourist trail. This would permit you a glimpse into the real Vietnam and allow you to see how Vietnamese people live their lives on a daily basis.

How do you plan your holiday?
I tend to plan a few months ahead (when it’s easier to book flights and accommodation) and use guidebooks and the internet to help me research my trip. I find websites like TripAdvisor are useful for hunting down a good hotel. Nowadays, most destinations have dedicated travel information websites, so I can consult these to see if there are any festivals taking place and when the best time to visit is.

How often do you go away?
Usually two or three times a year.

Who do you travel with?
With a group of friends.


Where do you see tourism in your country in 10 years time?
I believe tourism will flourish in Vietnam in the years to come. Vietnam is blessed with natural beauty and a unique blend of cultures and many hotels and resorts are already waking up to this: subsequently projects are under construction all along the coast. This international investment will put Vietnam in the spotlight and help convince people to visit Vietnam.

Thanks Johnny!
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