Holiday Prices Rise

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After yesterday’s fuel surcharge announcement by Thomas Cook comes a similar announcement from TUI, owners of Thomson and First Choice Holidays. I suppose it was only to be expected. The airlines have been increasing their surcharges and it was probably only a matter of time before those tour operators with their own airlines would soon follow.
So how much might this cost you?
Fly within the UK or short haul and you’ll pay another £15 per passenger. Fly further afield and you’ll have to find £25 and for those long haul journeys to the US, South American, Africa the Far East and Australia you’ll be asked for another £40 per passenger. And surprise, surprise. TUI’s fuel surcharges are the same as Thomas Cook’s. The only difference is that the surcharges from Thomas Cook start immediately and those from TUI start in two days time on the 4th March.
If you were thinking of flying to Florida for a nice Disneyland trip, this will cost an extra £160 for a family of four. Even a weekend break in Paris is going to cost the same family an extra £60. At least you have an alternative way of getting to Paris. For Florida, what are going to do? Swim?
Is this likely to be short-lived or are we back to an era of high surcharges again? It is largely due to the instability in the Middle East. Speculators are driving the oil price up. There is no real shortage of the black stuff as opposed to what was available before the instability started. Saudi Arabia has said that they will find any shortfall due to the reduction in output from Libya. The markets seem more concerned with what happens if the crisis spreads. In the meantime, we are left digging deeper into our pockets. Or having a staycation.

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