The Longest Holiday?

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In the US holidays of a week are common. Here the week or fortnight is more like the norm. In winter some seniors go away for a couple of months. But how do you fancy a year long holiday? All in the one place.
One of Sydney’s Sunday newspapers, The Sun-Herald, has reported today that a couple, Chris and Sally Allison, from the Sydney suburb of Mosman liked the place so much that they have booked accommodation for a whole year at a B&B in Rhyl in North Wales.
Admittedly the lady involved came from North Wales so she might be a bit biased in liking the place. But she has been living in Australia for getting on for 40 years, having left the UK when she was in early 20’s. The newspaper doesn’t say where he comes from. It seems that it is the accommodation and the scenery that attracts the couple. The accommodation, a guesthouse called Barratt’s and named after the owners, has managed to achieve what all accommodation providers want. A satisfaction rating that is so good that guests stay. And stay. And stay. The Barratt’s are not interviewed. It would have been nice to get their views on what they have done to achieve such loyalty. Is it the food, the service, the location, the feeling of being part of a family or even the fact that, the article says, they help in the garden? Whatever it is works. If they could bottle it, accommodation providers the world over would buy it. And we, as visitors, would want it.
The scenery, the couple say, is breathtaking. And that they love it there. So the tourist board will be delighted and should consider using the Allison’s in their next promotion. Something like, “We love it so much, it needs a year to enjoy!” The only thing they might object to is The Sun-Herald’s description of Rhyl as being “remote.”

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