We Prefer Researching Holidays Ourselves

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Yet another survey.
Its theme is that we only use travel agents sparingly to research holidays for us. Well what a surprise. Half the fun of choosing a holiday or a trip is sitting down and dreaming of some of the places. Only those with no time, no gumption and no sense hand it over entirely to a travel agent. The survey says that only 15% of us use travel agents to do the research. I’m surprised it is as high as that. It means that 15% of us are too lazy or too unconcerned and are, therefore, willing to ask a travel agent to decide what we should do. Can these people not organise their own lives?
If truth were known however this research has been produced by a company who sells some fancy software for collecting information from different places on the internet, linking it and then allowing you to share it with friends. They show that 26% of us are spending up to two hours researching where we want to go. Which means that 74% of spend a longer time. And why not? Look at how popular travel guides and books are. Look at the number of publishers in the market. They all wouldn’t exist if we weren’t voracious acquirers of information about places we should like to go. The same applies to websites and, thankfully, this one, CD-Traveller.
Interestingly, the research says that 67% use the internet. Add that to the 15% and you are still left with 18%. How are they researching their travel? Magazines, travel guides, TV programmes? Do they just go back to the same place each time so they don’t have to do any research? Or maybe, at dead of night, they gaze at the stars and divine whether to go east, west, south or north and that’s good enough for them.

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