For Gourmet Cooking: The South West

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According to the new Lonely Planet edition of its guide to the South west, this region has overtaken the rest of the UK for its culinary appeal. Only London can rival it the guide says. Those of us who have been regular visitors to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset have long known that good food was there to be found in abundance. And not just in Michelin starred restaurants either although the guide tends to highlight these.
Think cider, clotted cream, seafood of all descriptions, and pasties and that’s enough to set your taste buds wondering. But don’t forget the fine cheeses coming from Cornwall and the quality of some of the bries from Somerset you can find. That the region is expected to produce good food comes with the fact that the fast expanding chain, West Cornwall Company chose to link itself to Cornwall rather than other pasty producing areas.
Over the past few years, TV series about the different regions of the UK competing against each other for the right to create a menu for an important occasion have revealed the regional diversity and strength of British and Irish cooking. Nathan Outlaw -a name probably little known until they began- has left viewers in no doubt of his skills and has been rewarded by the powers that be with a second Michelin star. And Falmouth will be forever linked with the name of Rick Stein who has done so much to popularize the south-west’s best known product, seafood.
According to Lonely Planet though, the top place to eat is not a restaurant of Mr. Stein’s but Gidleigh Park on Dartmoor

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