The Value of the Tourist Brochure

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By now, as you consider where to holiday, have a day trip or a short break in the UK next you probably have picked up a bundle of brochures. Some are almost airport novel size in the number of pages they have. Is this necessary? Do we want to wade through a brochure, three quarters of which consists of adverts? Even worse are the ones we collect that seem to be about tourism but are really accommodation listings in disguise.
Many of these brochures carry a few pages of information about the town or county or whatever and then talk a little about attractions. There is often a useful map and then we have endless pages of accommodation listings. This is fine if I want to stay overnight but the day tripper needs none of this. I assume that it is cheaper for the tourist office to put the information in one booklet and save on printing costs. But if it were in two booklets, the accommodation details could be printed on less glossy paper. And fewer would be taken away so fewer need be printed.
What’s happening is that people tear out the bits they want and bin the rest. Why can’t we resolve the situation from the outset? The argument probably goes that it is the advertising from the accommodation places that pays for the tourism descriptions. Some of the attractions might support publications with advertising but who else other than councils would pay just to have tourism details printed?
Without the destination, there would be no accommodation to sell, no businesses to develop and no reason for the visitor to come. Other than maybe for work or to visit relations. Surely there has to be a way to save the waste right from the start?

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