Idiotic Travel Surveys

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The CD-Traveller office gets quite a lot of press releases. Zealous PR officers working hard for their clients will send out information on almost anything. I’m not saying that knowing that four rooms have been added to a 40 room hotel is not important. At least to the hotel owner but for the visitor, the fact that there is a 10% increase in the number of rooms available at the Hotel Delightful doesn’t really cause much excitement.
Then there is the daft survey which is an excuse by any company imaginable to try and get publicity for itself. Most go in the bin because we reckon you would think us pretty daft if we ran them. Occasionally we get one which really causes you to wonder who came up with an idea. So just to annoy the company that ran the survey, I’m not going to mention them. Just some of their claimed results.
They asked what a person would do in order get their dream holiday and in order to get some odd headlines they wrote the answers that the public could pick from. And which of the daft answers that they provided did the idiots who completed this survey vote for? Overwhelmingly, they were prepared to eat the world’s hottest chili in order to get their dream holiday. Over a third voted to eat chewing gum off a pavement in order to win. I’m surprised they didn’t break that down into what flavour chewing gum would the most preferable for them to win. Would spearmint flavour outperform peppermint? And what impact would introducing a new flavour, mango chutney and dark chocolate, have on the voting? One possible answer was whether you would give away your pet in order to take your dream holiday. Would you believe 11% said they would? There was a chance for the individual to suggest themselves what they would give up. Those answers were nowhere near as daft as the ones suggested by the company.
Still I suppose it gave someone some work to do. Maybe they should consider something a bit more productive.

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