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Many British readers might not have come across Rick Steves. An American travel guide writer, he specialises in Europe and spends many months over here each year searching out the new and the interesting for his readers and TV viewers. As an outsider, he sees and reports things that we may not pay as much attention to. In the last fortnight , writing in a syndicated column that appears in many newspapers in America he has highlighted what he recommends for the UK this year.
He starts with the royal marriage on 29th April pointing out that there will be tours of the wedding venues. (how many are there?) Up in Stratford, there will be tours of the construction site for the Olympics and, if you go there, consider doing Greenwich and Docklands (“filled with skyscrapers, art and people” he says.) in the same day. He warns us tot to waste money on the Dali Exhibition or Kensington Palace’s theatrical show. And that’s London, the south east and the southern part of England covered.
Scotland and Wales get no mention but Belfast’s Ulster Museum does and Steves notes that Liverpool’s new museum opens this year (in July) The Yorkshire Museum reopened last year but is on his 2011 list of places to visit and that’s it Nothing in the south west, Tyneside or the Borders. But he does mention the reopening of the theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. (see Ann Evans on Stratford )
What of the Hepworth in Wakefield opening on May 23rd? And the development of the Helix in Falkirk? This promises to become one of the sights of the future. What of the exhibition of the Staffordshire Hoard or other exhibitions or shows for that matter? And what of Derry-Londonderry, now it is the UK capital of culture this year and which is trumpeting its 300 plus events this year? Or Wrexham for the Eisteddfod? Pressure of space probably restricted how much he could write so what he chose is interesting for I take it that he thinks these are the things that would appeal to Americans. Are the same that would appeal to you?

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