Remember the Snow?

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Last November and December there was snow. It caused untold disruption to travel and in particular to air travel. Airport after airport was closed, sometimes for short periods and, in the case of one large West London airport, for days. If it affected you then the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) would like to hear from you.
Because they are running a two week online survey to see what you the traveler thought of it all. Were you kept informed? Were you told your rights? Did the problems cause you to see the best in the way that people responded to it. Whatever you think, they want as many people as possible to fill in the survey so that they can improve things in the future.
Click on this link,
CAA survey, and you can start. There are just 33 questions, the most important possible being those towards the end where you can give your comments. It wants to know your opinions of the help you received from both the airport and the airline concerned.
And since the CAA regulates both, you know your views will be listened to.

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