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Some TV ads we found appealing though we can’t remember the name of the product. Some are downright irritating that make us want to reach for the remote control faster than a Sky Sports News presenter can get into trouble and some are still irritating but we remember and buy the product. The worst ads are those that we don’t notice. All of us have ads that we secretly – and not so secretly –like. Liking an ad has nothing to do with it being the best. Surely the best has to be those that sell the most. Nonetheless, a poll has been conducted amongst travel marketing professionals to see which ad is the most popular.
The winner with over a third of the vote, was the ad for Thomas Cook which had the husband and wife celebrity couple, Louise and Jamie Redknapp talking about what they looked for in a holiday. Second came one from James Villas christened happy feet and third came an ad for Hoseasons which was very closely followed by one from Thomson Holidays talking about creating your holiday to a T.
The survey was conducted by a group called CIMTIG (Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Industry Group) which is made of people involved in the marketing of all different sorts of travel products so they should have a feel for these things. But do you agree with their votes? What other ads can you recall? There is no sign of Lenny Henry from the Premier Hotels ads yet they are been praised for bring a lot of extra business to the hotel chain. The current California ads probably came too late to be included but last year’s ad featuring Mr Schwarzenegger and his wife inviting us to visit them isn’t there either. Do the ads by Welcome to Yorkshire that sponsor one of the time slots or drama output on ITV or Qatar Airways that sponsor Sky News weather broadcasts count as neither is there. Just scraping in with 1% of the vote is the current ad with the Jedwards and Omid Djalili. In between there are ads from Butlins and Virgin Atlantic, Haven, Saga and Royal Caribbean.
As I said earlier. do you agree? What would your choice be?

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