Volunteering at Linlithgow

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Would tourism be as successful or indeed as profitable as it is without volunteers? The industry relies on us to turn up week in, week out to act as guides, parking attendants, ticket sellers, watchful glances to keep an eye on visitors, information kiosk minders and goodness knows what else. Why do we do it?
The main reason is that we like it. No, we enjoy it. Which is just as well because, just like charity shops, many attractions and sites may not open without the volunteers.
Take this coming Saturday at Linlithgow Peel next to the famed palace in Scotland. The palace, one of 345 looked after by Historic Scotland, needs regular maintenance. After the ravages of winter – any winter not just the harsh ones – volunteers are needed to make the grounds look presentable so if you fancy some fresh air and a little bit of exercise, turn up and give a hand. The work involved will include things like clearing paths, hedge and tree planting and carrying out surveys of the wildlife. Whilst this is of great value to Historic Scotland and makes life easier for future visitors, it is useful for the volunteer. How often do you get to see a site when it s otherwise closed? How often do you get to chat to the people who know most about the site and who can afford to give you their attention for such a long period. Yes you’ve given a day’s effort but you’ll also find out probably more than on a day’s visit.
If you fancy giving a helping hand then you can’t just turn up on the day. Ring 01506 842065 to let them know your interested. After all, they have to know how much tea, coffee and snacks to lay on to keep your enthusiasm up!
By the way, on the Sunday from 10.30 till 13.30, they will be counting and recording the birds seen on the site as part of the RSPB Garden Bird Watch this weekend. Again, if you want to help, please give a call first to the same number.

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