Derry-Londonderry Prepares for 2013

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In 2013 Derry-Londonderry becomes the first UK City of Culture but with still two years to go the city is preparing for the event. Planning is all important as it takes time to get us visitors accustomed to know where to look. Take a little thing like a website that just lists the events for example. As CD-Traveller knows from compiling its own events listings, it can take a while to just get all the organisers of those events to let you know about them, – if they do at all. You have to chase and chase which may be surprising to readers since you might think that all event organisers would want publicity for them so that you – the visitors – would know they were on.
So Derry-Londonderry has decided to launch their website already so that it gave time for both event organisers and the potential visitor to get used to it. It’s name is and it already contains some hundreds of events that will be coming up over the next year. By the time it becomes City of Culture, they think that there will be over a thousand events to be listed. So all the events, major ones like the Ardara Walking Festival from the 12-13th March, the Donegal Summer Festival and the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival that regularly attracts over 30,000 people on the last day of October, have to be switched to the new website. But then there are hundreds and hundreds of smaller ones that are contained on other websites or maybe not even known about other than by locals. All have to be found and added.
So for day’s out and events in Derry-Londonderry, this (and CD-Traveller’s) website is the place to look.

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