Jordan and Hard Pressed Brits

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Remember last year? It was the year we were cutting back and staying at home to holiday. Destinations which didn’t offer value for money or were considered cheap to visit were supposed to be hit by a downturn in numbers. We knew that there had been increased interest in long-haul holidays but wasn’t this because it was cheap when you got there? But there are places not known for being inexpensive which have done rather well. Take Jordan for example. Last year up until the end of November over 67,000 of travelled there, largely to see the heritage sites. We were the second largest number of European visitors after France. Overall visits by European were up by over a quarter over 2009. It wasn’t only from Europe that numbers were up. Like almost everywhere else , visitors from South Asia rose significantly. They were up by over 40% and that alone shows you why almost every destination in the world is falling over themselves trying to attract visitors from there.
Probably be year end, Jordan will have had an increase of more than 12-15% in visitors over 2009, a considerable achievement given it is not seen as a mainstream destination. And the amount of money earned from tourism is up even more almost nudging a 20% increase. What attracts us when we arrive there? Traditional heritage sites. Visitors to Petra, Kerak and Ajloun were up by over a quarter. Mount Nebo visitors were up by a third.
When Jordan’s tourist board head, Nayef Al-Fayez was in London in November, he said that Britons visit Jordan in the Autumn and the Spring. Because Jordan has a more Mediterranean climate than many countries in the Middle East he wants to change our views and consider going there at any time of the year. That’s still pretty hot when you are in the desert regions but quite often the temperature is a dry heat making it more bearable. And if it’s going to be cheaper in the summer because people traditionally don’t go there then, Jordan should be on your holiday shopping list for 2011.
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