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Whilst the adverts from travel agencies, tour operators and destinations come up periodically on the TV in between the repeats, here are two possibilities you might not have considered. Forget Spain and Italy, Skegness and Tenby consider Shrewsbury and Chernobyl instead.
Not that there is a twin cities holiday available, it’s just that the two press releases landed on my desk at the same time.
24 years ago the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor occurred. Now the Ukrainian government has devised that, in its silver jubilee year, you can take a guided tour around the reactor. Disasters attract a certain type of tourist and there have been unofficial tours for years some benefitting those displaced or affected by the event since it removed employment for thousands. Now, in this first officially sanctioned one (and approved by the UN although I’m not sure what they have to do with it) visitors will be able to see the sealed up area, the 30 mile exclusion zone and an education feature on the effects of that 1896 day.
The people who ran Chernobyl didn’t all go to gaol over that disaster but you can choose to spend time in a gaol. In Shrewsbury. Right in the middle of the town, you’ll find the old police station. And there you’ll find the cells. And in those you can stay for £70 per night. Like a five star hotel room you’ll have a room with walls but here they are brick rather than wall papered with modern prints hanging from them. (A bit of disappointment here as there isn’t even a padded one.) Like a five star hotel there will be a door but in Shrewsbury it will be the original heavy cell door. The ceiling will be barrel vaulted rather than flat and painted in soft shades of white. Unfortunately, you won’t have a cell cot to sleep on but comfortable modern plush beds. You won’t have gruel or bread and water as food but modern, restaurant quality cooking. And TV’s and heating! This is luxury for your average cellmate. What might not be different are the ghosts. Surely there must be some bemoaning their fates after all these years!
If you’re interested see www.theoldpolicecells.co.uk.

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