Hotel Prices Are Rising

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The traveller is an odd beast. What we prefer is a downturn. Then prices of hotels, flights and car hire drop. But then in downturns we might also have to trim our spending or, at worst case, face redundancy. But as the market improves and people feel more confident prices rise and the traveller gets hit by increased costs with not necessarily any improvement in income to pay for it. I suspect we are in that cycle now. Air fares have risen and now comes evidence from Trivago’s Hotel Price Index that hotel prices this December are going up as well.
Everyone knows that London is expensive and it seems anxious to hold onto its crown. The index says that the average price for a room is now £156 per night. This is part inflated by people coming to do Christmas shopping but may also be a result of having to find beds for travellers who fly or catch Eurostar. Whatever it is prices are up 17% in a month.
On the bright side for travellers (but not hoteliers) average rates in Edinburgh have dropped by 6% and in Cardiff, by 16%. Manchester leads the way in price rises recording a 23% increase to £93 per night. Sheffield also recorded double digit growth to £86 a night. This comes on top of figures last month which showed that Manchester had had price increases of over 15%. Usually prices fluctuate depending on what’s on. August, in Edinburgh, costs an arm and a leg because of the festival. In September it drops (it was an average £121 that month) and it looks as though the drop will continue through to Hogmanay when it will rise again.
So what’s the appeal of Manchester? Why are more of us visiting there and pushing the prices up? It may be that prices were unusually low since it isn’t a great leisure tourist destination more a business one. Now business is picking up, it is reflected in the prices. Leisure tourists go there for shopping, sporting activities and the culture. Most will be day trippers rather than staying a week.
For a bargain try Frankfurt, Bucharest and Milan. But then you have to get there!

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