Ireland Wants More Brits

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Earlier today, Tourism Ireland held the first of a number of briefing sessions to tell the Irish travel market what it planned to do over the next few years. Top of the list is to encourage more Britons to holiday in Ireland. Britons make up 50% of all visitors and 40% of all the tourism revenue to the island of Ireland but in 2009 a lot of us stayed away.
The general economic down turn is seen as one reason since the number of Britons travelling abroad has dropped back to 2001 levels. More of us holidayed at home. Tourism Ireland also suggested that some of us think that Ireland is just like Britain. But with the euro instead of the pound. If it is as they suggest, why should we bother to travel? We might as well holiday at home. The answer to both these problems, Tourism Ireland says, is to ephasise that Ireland is good vale for money and secondly that it is distinctive. How distinctive? They want to major on experiences that can’t be found elsewhere and secondly on the scenery. And when a question came from the 200+ audience of travel professionals, an emphasis on food and great Irish cooking was added to the list.
So for next year you can expect Ireland to promote itself extensively on TV, radio and social media starting with a splash around St Patrick’s Day in March. Ireland has to get one thing across, – that it offers value for money. Many see it as an expensive destination but increasingly it is competitive on price according to one recent survey. Can they persuade the rest of us that it isn’t as expensive as it seemed when it was a Celtic Tiger?
As well as the UK, Ireland will concentrate on its other three main markets, France, Germany and the USA but Britain matters most so expect to see lots of stories come the new year.

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