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tea isn't for the birds

Who else but the British would run a survey on tea? Who else but Visit Britain would issue a 4 page press release about the results? And who else but CD-Traveller would question the findings?
Visit Britain has a Facebook page – as do most destinations – called Love UK which is quite a popular site with Facebook affecionados. So VB decided to ask its followers five questions about what everyone else in the world considers to be our fixation with tea. 1,200 responders took part with 58% of people preferring tea with milk. Guess what the remaining 42% thought? Less than half took their tea without sugar. So far I wouldn’t disagree with these findings.
But when it comes to a preferred choice of tea, I take umbrage. 36 % opted for Earl Grey followed by English Breakfast (31%) and Green tea. (10%) Earl Grey was popular with the British and South East Asians. But the most popular with Britons and many Europeans was English Breakfast. Because more Asians voted they swung the vote towards Earl Grey. That surprised even VB. So where was, what is referred to by many, builders tea? That strong, rich coloured liquid that has taste and sets you up for the day. Nowhere in sight. The closest I suppose is Assam which received only 7% of the overall vote. Typhoo, PG Tips and Naafi tea, the traditional teas we were brought up on haven’t even made a showing.
But it gets worse.
When asked which biscuit people prefer with their tea, the answer is a digestive one followed by, of all things, a chocolate chip cookie. Where is the rich tea biscuit, the obvious perfect marriage with tea? Not to be seen. Anywhere. And fancy suggesting a cookie which can only considered to be some sort of alien, un-British biscuit. Why “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” is probably sitting down right now penning an irate letter either to The Times or the Daily Telegraph.
I should point out the question was which biscuit people preferred to dunk in their tea. A peculiar habit, dunking, and one which has never appealed to me. If I wanted a soggy biscuit, I could have a trifle. But there are some misguided people, my wife included, who adopt this peculiar habit. With chocolate digestives or cream biscuits which is even worse as bits fall off leaving a strange liquid mess. 2% of responders even suggested Tim Tams, an Australian biscuit similar to a Penguin bar. You can see where the votes are coming from. It’s obviously setting a marker for the Ashes Test series that’s just begun. Being sneaky, they have probably decided to attack our institutions to unsettle our players.
The great art of British tea making has been highjacked. It is time for lovers of builders tea to stand up and be counted!

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