Opening Hotel Windows

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I like a bit of fresh air. So some hotel rooms and I don’t get on very well. Either the windows are double glazed and impossible to open or open just an inch or so, in the belief that fresh air can seep through this small crack and it is sufficient to completely refresh a room. And sometimes, the window frames are covered in 30 different coats of paint which stretch back to the dark ages making it impossible to open the windows without recourse to a hammer and chisel.
Here I sit on the 23rd floor of a hotel and all I get is either the noise of an air conditioning system which burbles to itself monotonously or nothing. Obviously, the hotel or lawmakers are concerned for my welfare. They have decided I must be suicidal and are performing a social duty by not allowing me to have an open window that I might avail myself of. I can’t even see the ground from here to see what I might land on even if I wanted to jump. Which, incidentally, I don’t want to do given that it is winter and cold out there. But I do want to be reminded of what fresh air is like.
I tried squatting and sniffing at the little gap between the open window and the 3 inch ledge but it smelt of nothing like fresh air. What it smelt of I won’t mention.
Couldn’t I have a few more inches of open window? How about 6 or 7 inches say? That would be sufficient to inhale deeply the fresh air of the day. Even Michael Jackson couldn’t have dropped his baby through such a small gap.
Ah, but I hear hoteliers say that 6-7 inches would be enough for wayward pigeons to fly into the room to escape the ravages of winter. So what? A little companionship as I write another piece for CD-Traveller might be welcome!

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