Perfect Packing: how to make it happen

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Love travelling, but hate packing? You’re not alone… Fortunately for you, dear reader, CD Traveller has some handy hints on how to perfect your packing

Make a list

Not to get all Monica (the anally retentive one from Friends) on you but the art of packing, lies in making a list. Work out how many days you’ll be at your destination and write down all the items you’ll need from your driving licence to underwear, medicine etc.

Be ruthless
Less is more. How many pairs of shoes will you really wear on a two week beach holiday? Pack only what you know what you will use and leave the rest at home. The same rule applies to toiletries… if you’re planning on staying in a mid range-expensive hotel room, chances are that the bathroom come kitted out with toiletries. This means you don’t need to pack industrial strength sizes of shampoo and conditioner, or worry about running foul of the airplane liquid rules.


Rolling rules
Forget folding your clothes. Rolling ‘em is the best way to avoid wrinkles. Heavier clothes should be placed at the bottom of the case, with lighter clothes on the top.

Plastic fantastic
Green fiends look away. Plastic bags maybe unethical, but the fact remains that they are a useful resource for travellers. They can prevent toiletries from leaking and can be used to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones. The message? Keep a stash in your suitcase at all times.


Inspect your suitcase
Speaking of which, don’t leave it until the last minute to get your suitcase down from the attic. Get it down in plenty of time so that should you find any broken or missing parts, you still have time to repair them – or invest in a new suitcase.

Tag time
Make sure to remove all your old luggage tags from your bags. Should your luggage get lost, you want airport officials to be able to send it to where you’re going, not where you have been. Talking of tags, don’t write your home address on your luggage labels unless you want to draw attention to your empty home. The solution? Put your business card in your luggage tag instead.

Wear it!
Worried about the weight allowance (with the exception of BA, most airlines these days only allow customers a meager 20kg and charge heavily for an extra kilos)? Wear your heaviest gear on the plane and free up your precious luggage allowance.

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