There’s Going to be a Wedding

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This won’t come as news to any of you unless you’ve managed not to see TV, read a newspaper, look at the internet or talk to anyone in the last 36 hours. I’d almost be prepared to bet that lost tribes up the Amazon have heard about it. Whales are probably distributing the news via their low frequency sonar system to pods around the world so that even the animal kingdom knows. And talking of Wales, the first minister sent a brief and correct cordial message of congratulations to the happy couple.
Unlike Visit Scotland and Visit Britain which have decided this presents too good an opportunity not to trumpet the tourism potential of their areas. Two different press releases were on my desk by lunchtime yesterday from Visit Britain, the first headlined “VisitBritain celebrates Royal Engagement with their Pick of the Most Romantic Spots in Britain” and the second, “Royal Wedding a Major Boost For Tourism and the Economy, says VisitBritain.” Visit Scotland, not to be outdone came up with, “Love is in the Heir! VisitScotland congratulates match made in Scotland.”
What can you do but groan at what will be a bandwagon that will last until the wedding is over.
One of the trade publications took a less happy view. Travelmole came up with “Royal Wedding is Bad for Overseas Travel Market.” Their thought was that Britons would not book holidays until after the wedding date was set so bookings would be down until then.
Quite obviously, William and Kate haven’t given their announcement a lot of thought. If they had, they would have realised that the tourism industry will be badly hit. Their decision doesn’t just affect the home countries. The entire world cannot move forward until a decision is made on the date. Unsold beds by the tens of thousands in Spain, Portugal and dozens of other countries will lay unbooked. Planes will fly empty. Everyone wants to know when the Big Day is so they can book time off to watch it all unfold on television.
Forget the Irish issue or whether Portugal, Spain will need a bailout. The whole world’s economy is in limbo, not knowing which day will affect them next year!

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