Drop to Atlantis

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This is the name of one of the recent additions to one of the largest water parks in the world and the largest in Europe, – WaterWorld at Ayia Napa in Cyprus. Cyprus has been a popular destination for us for decades. So popular is it that out of 3 million annual visitors a million of them come from the UK.
Ayia Napa is well known for its sunny beaches and rivals Spain in its appeal. The centre is where the nightlife is and just away from that you’ll find WaterWorld, all 150,000 square metres of it. That’s big in anybody’s terms
Originally opened in 1996, its Greek mythology themed areas catered for fun loving adults. Then specific children’s areas came into being and now it is a place where the family can spend the whole day. With 18 different rides and four restaurants there is more than enough to occupy everyone all done in a safe, lifesaver patrolled environment. Last year 300,000 visitors came to WaterWorld , not just visitors as it attracts a large number of Cypriots. Watch the peak months though because queues can form before the 10am opening time.
The Drop to Atlantis is one of the two most recent rides. Unlike many others this has co-ordinated visual effects as you dodge around turns and dips before the slide drops you into the water. Since you don’t pay per ride but just an entrance fee, you can go on this – or any of the others – as many times as you can manage during the day.
The other ride is the Fall of Icarus. As you know Icarus, in mythology, flew too close to the sun and his wings caught fire. This ride is a boomerang one. You climb towards the “sun” and then fall back to the water.
Such has been the success of WaterWorld that it has gathered an impressive 24 awards over the years and some of its designs have been picked up on by other waterparks.
Don’t forget, after you leave in the evening, to collect the discounts for some of the nightspots. It makes your spending money go further!

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