Peaceful Herm

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There is only a small British presence at the travel show probably because there are other events for British destinations and attractions to promote their wares to travel agents.
The different islands of the Channel Isles are here but one that gets passed by quite often is the tiny island of Herm.
I even gave a boring headline to this piece so you won’t visit it in large numbers. Why?
Because that way it might remain special, quiet, untouched by modern developments and I can just relax in solitude when I go there.
It’s only a mile and a half wide with about 50 people living there. You can virtually explore it all in a couple of hours. There is only one hotel, the White House and there is no TV to flop in front of on a rainy day. There is no clock in the hotel to remind you to do things. You just go there to relax in a place that seems miles away but is only a short catamaran ride away from Guernsey, its big sister.
I know people who go every year just to get away from it all. You can read, loll on the beach and just wander because there are no cars to hunt you down. If you want to go anywhere, you walk. It sometimes seems like one of those old Miss Marple TV programmes, set in a different age that always attracts viewers as they dream of better days past.
The tourist people would have you believe that there are lots of things you can do like bird watching and floral tours or going to the burial mound. But that isn’t the real appeal. That is just piece, quiet and getting away from it all.
So now I’ve made it appear so boring none of you will go there, will you? So more space and rest for me when I turn up!

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