Eat, Pray, Love in Bali

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Ever since Elizabeth Gilbert’s Oprah endorsed bestselling book, Eat Pray Love, was published in 2006, the Indonesian island of Bali has seen a stream of people flocking to the island to “find themselves”.

And in 2011, I’ll be one of them! That’s right, next year I get to follow in the footsteps of the Eat, Pray, Love author – having won the Indonesian tourism board’s prize draw at this year’s World Travel Market (London)!

Like Liz, I’ll get to escape, explore and potter through a paddy field. Unlike Liz, I won’t have a year to do it in, but a free trip is nothing to moan about. Expect to see lots of stories on Bali (unless I too fall in love with Bali and a Brazilian and never return) in the months ahead…

In the meantime, my advice is this: make like the Chinese and keep your business card on you at all times … next time, the winner of a lucky draw could be you!

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