Booking Your Space Holiday Via your Mobile

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The travel industry, like every other, is always trying to second guess what visitors want, where they want to go to and how they might book. Research presented yesterday by Euromonitor, a big player in travel research suggests that by 2015, up to 50% of us could be booking our holidays and travel via our mobile phones.
As usual their annual forecast throws up some unusual things. Have you heard of deprivation holidays for example? This is the name for a type of holiday in America where people go to things like boot camps or to extreme fitness camps. The research ties this to growing obesity.
In the UK they think that the staycation will be around, certainly for a bit longer as they think that the economic climate will continue to be bleak. It won’t stop us holidaying but it might affect how much we spend.
Another unusual fact was that Iraq had 1.3 million visitors last year. That’s more than Sri Lanka. Much of it was in business tourism since there are so many business projects under way which dwarf some of the engineering things happening here. Consumer tourism is picking up and Iraq is represented at the travel show in London this week for the first time. It is in the north Kurdish parts where the tourists are going, the area that has been the quietest during the time since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.
The other “different” feature that Euromonitor forecast was the growth of space holidays in South Africa. Light pollution means that about half of the world’s population cannot see the stars. South Africa, with its miles of national parks and reserves, is encouraging us to go on night safaris. Hotels will install telescopes in rooms so that people can see the night sky unburdened by the constant bright lights we are used to in cities.
Will any of this come to pass? That’s the fun of forecasting. By the time the year comes around people might nor remember what was supposed to happen. Online booking was supposed to replace travel agents. That hasn’t happened. Yet.

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