Mediterranean as it once was

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This is the slogan that you will see next year as Croatia tries to persuade you to visit their country. It is not just their past and their heritage that they will use to tempt you. Eco-tourism, food and medical tourism are all features of their appeal.
At the World Travel Market which opened in London today, the Croatian minister for tourism presented an upbeat view of tourism in his country. Considering the economic state at the moment, over 250,000 Britons visited his country in 2010. That number is just visitors who stayed overnight. In addition there would be those who spent the day in Dubrovnik, for example, as a cruise ship passenger. Overall Croatia attracted around about an 8% increase in tourists which was above the EU average. An interesting comparison since they are not members of the EU – yet. That they hope will come about in 2011. It has meant though that visiting Britons had an extra 6% spending power as sterling appreciated against the Croatian currency. So if staying out of the EU helped their tourism industry, will that change when they become the 28th member, the minister was asked? No, he thought, it would help increase the number of visitors. To attract more visitors there would need to be more flights from the UK and Ireland and the priority was to attract more direct airline links. Flying time is only about 2 hours from London.
Once there you could visit one of 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Opatija. Or you could visit the Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace in Split which now houses 5 hotels. Or if adventure and wildlife appeals, holidays can easily be linked with coastal or beach trips as Croatia is ideal for twin centre holidays. Into the national parks there can be found brown bears (there are about 400 of them) wolves and lynxes.
And don’t forget the vineyards. These days almost every country offers wine tours. But Croatia’s goes back a long way. Even 57 years ago, Traminic was ordered for the coronation of the Queen. Has more been ordered for her diamond jubilee in two years time?

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