Going to London for the Day

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No, this isn’t a piece about all the things you can see in London in a day because, quite obviously there are too many sights for a day. No this is about the problems in advance booking a ticket to get and travel within London. If you use the National Rail or The Trainline websites to book your tickets you can get into London. But travelling within London is a problem.
You can’t book a Travelcard online. Why not? I tried, as I said, National Rail and The Trainline. I tried South West Trains and could get the names of tube or Docklands Light Railway stations but when I tried to buy tickets to them it said that the station wasn’t recognised. The advantage of a travelcard be it a standard one that you can use anytime or the one for use after peak hours, is that it covers tube, bus and DLR travel.
I could buy them at the station but not online. The reason I was trying to get them in advance was because I wanted an early start so that I could make the most of the day in London. My local station closes early on a Sunday and until a guest arrived, I couldn’t get the tickets. She is disabled and warrants a discount on her fare, as indeed does a companion. But I need to show her disabled card before I could buy a ticket at the booking office. Her train arrived after the office had shut, hence the thought of booking online.
Eventually I went to a larger station that stayed open longer and could get the tickets. The booking office people couldn’t tell me why I couldn’t buy online.
So I still don’t know why they don’t make these tickets available online. Am I missing something? If not, it is something Transport for London, the train operators and the booking agents should look at resolving so that visitors find it easier to come into London for the day.

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