Have a Party on a Pier

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Why is the most obvious question?
Because those behind the British Tourism Week were trying to come up with something to top this year’s launch event. You might remember that we had illuminated beacons stretching all along Hadrian’s Wall last March. This made TV and newspapers across the world.
What to beat it in 2011?
They have come up with a party on a pier. What could be more quintessentially and eccentrically British than the seaside pier. And who could be more… But enough of that. Gyles Brandreth, one of the patrons of the National Piers Society, opened the launch of the idea on board the Hispaniola which is moored on the Thames in London. Remarking that the ship might be the last vessel afloat for the British navy, (The chancellor was making “that” speech about cuts at the time) he said that 33 piers have already signed up as part of the scheme.
Why am I telling you this now? Because of two related items of news. The first is the loss of most of Hastings Pier to fire a few weeks ago. Already half the piers in the UK have disappeared leaving only some 50 odd left, some in a parlous state. But on a brighter note, this Saturday sees the re-opening of the pier in Weston-super-Mare after the fire that nearly destroyed the structure in 2008. The cost of re-opening Weston was about £50 million so, if Hastings can be saved, a similar amount is probably needed. In these economic times will the money be found? And should it be found? The Times columnist, Mathew Parris, believes no public money should assist them, calling them ugly and being of no use.
Whether he is right or not, British Tourist Week gives them, – and you- a use. Having a party. It is planned for March 12th next year. This year there were over 230 events up and down our countries to celebrate British Tourism Week. Next year there will be many more and CD-Traveller will print a full list closer to the time so you can go and enjoy the fun. In the meantime you could contact a pier near you to see what they plan to do in the big party next March

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