The Daisies Are Coming

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As you all know by know, there is a bonding system for holidays called ATOL. To remind you, the idea behind it is that if you buy from someone who is ATOL bonded, your holiday should be covered in the event that the tour operator goes bust. You will get your money back (but it might take a while) but not a replacement holiday. The problem with the system is that if you book your accommodation and flight separately you may not be covered.
CD-Traveller has written frequently about this and urged change so that all travellers are covered. Between our governments and the EU, I may have remarked that I will be pushing up the daisies before something happens at the rate things are moving.
There is one change that was mooted at the ABTA convention this week that will help. The suggestion from the CAA (who run the bonding system) is that when you book a holiday you will be given a certificate that will tell you exactly what you are covered for. From this you will then be able to judge if you need to get additional travel insurance to cover what is not covered by the bonding. But this idea is to be discussed, then there is a working party prior to the full consultation and we all know what that means in terms of time! Those confounded daisies are getting closer.
Is there a chance that they can set a time limit of say, 2 months on this consultation so that it could be ready for the main booking period for next summer? Pigs might fly first. Why can’t the main ATOL bonded companies just do it? If someone comes up with an improvement than the companies can change. But in terms of good customer relations and PR just introduce it now. TUI, the owners of Thomson and First Choice have welcomed it. CD-Traveller would happily list those companies who will issue a certificate and then at least our readers will know where they stand.

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